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Global Hiring

Despite its tiny size and small population, Israeli companies generate the most sophisticated international legal work available due toIsrael's role and reputation as a "Start Up Nation" 

Whether representing Israeli companies interested in commercializing their products abroad, or foreign companies that invest in or acquire Israeli technologies,Israel's international lawyers include specialists in Corporate, Commercial, High Tech, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, International Arbitrations, Labor Law, Tax Law and more.  Moreover, as a "melting pot" for immigrants from around the world, Israelis work in multiple languages including Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese and more. 

SmartJOB legal recruiters work with Israeli and international law firms, and recruit for in-house positions for multinational companies operating in Israel, Israeli companies operating globally and local companies and law firms that employ local legal specialists. Our legal search staff advises on hiring trends, recommends reasonable salary profiles and recruits the best lawyers to fit into each company's culture and budget.  We interview personally each candidate, speak with references and give our assessment of the lawyer's professional, language and personal strengths. 

Over the years, SmartJOB recruiters have filled positions for global companies operating in Israel and for Israeli companies operating in Israel and abroad, including,inter alia, General Counsel for Israeli high tech companies located in the U.S., multilingual labor lawyers for Israeli companies with subsidiaries around the world, a German/ English speaking litigation specialist, an English/ Arabic speaking lawyer for a local investment fund, an English/ Spanish native level software licensing lawyer for solar energy companies doing business with Spain and Latin America, and more.

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