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We are here to help you make the right decision

SmartJOB does not charge our candidates any fees for its placement services. The client law or patent firm or corporation pays the recruiting fee. Such fees are considered a normal and usual cost of doing business.


We review our active searches with you, and explore which openings best match your interests and personal situation - and which ones have the most potential for long-term career advancement.


Access is our most important asset. Machshavot SmartJOB makes sure that your resume is placed in front of the right people, at the right time. Our long-standing relationships with partners and key legal recruiting administrators means that your resume will receive prompt attention. We know who will be actively looking for attorneys in the near future. And we also know who will interview and extend an offer should the "right" candidate happen to become available.

Resume Evaluation and Submission

We evaluates the effectiveness of your resume, and helps you revise it to improve your chances of obtaining an interview. Resumes are submitted for consideration only with your express, prior permission.

Interview Preparation

SmartJOB coaches you on the best way to conduct yourself during the interview. If you have not interviewed for a position during the past two years, it is essential that you discuss interviewing strategies with us. In a highly competitive lateral market, a flawed interviewing technique can mean missing out on outstanding opportunities. If possible, we supply you with a list of the lawyers who will be interviewing you, as well as background information on the client. 

Post-Interview Analysis and Problem Resolution

We provides you with confidential feedback on how your interview was received — so you know how to improve your performance during subsequent rounds. We troubleshoot problems as they arise, addressing any misperceptions either you or the client may have developed. We schedule follow-up meetings and discuss all relevant post-interview comments. 


SmartJOB is your advocate during each stage of the search process. We draw attention to your strengths, and downplay your weaknesses. We work hard to maximize your chances of attaining the career-enhancing job you seek. More importantly, we strive to make sure you're extended multiple offers. Your bargaining position will be significantly improved if clients know you have several options. 

Closing the Deal

SmartJOB works with both the candidate attorney and the client law or patent firm or corporation in closing the deal. Once an offer has been made, we assist in negotiating the compensation package and other important terms. If you have received several offers, we will help you evaluate the pros and cons of each opportunity. We also address the issue of reference checks, providing consultation on how and when to approach your references.

Please forward all inquiries to our recruitment staff

We will try to assist you to the best of our ability

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