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About Our Firm

At SmartJOB our reputation for excellence is well deserved.  For us, recruiting is not about filling a job request, it is about building a stronger organization for the future.

We act as a strategic advisor to law firms, companies and to individual attorneys.  We advise both local Israeli and international law firms and companies doing business with Israel.  Our services include recruiting and management solutions:

  • Strategic Recruitment of Senior, Mid-Level and Junior Attorneys in all Practice Areas.

  • Recruiting High Level Bilingual Attorneys in Languages including: Hebrew * English * Spanish * French * German * Russian * Dutch etc...

  • Recruitment of Office Managers and Secretarial and Paralegal Staff.

  • Assessing and Advising on Law Firm Mergers and Acquisition of Practice Groups.

  • Advise on Law Firm Marketing and Branding.

  • Advise on Partnership Compensation, Partnership Agreements.

  • Coaching, Rain-Making and Relationship Building.

We don’t work alone!  As leaders in the field of Strategic Law Firm Growth Consulting, when necessary we bring in experts in each field of specialty and work together to find solutions that work for your law firm. 

We work with: 

  • Financial and Insurance Planners.

  • Organizational Psychologists.

  • Marketing and PR Consultants.

  • Architects and Office Space Planners.

SmartJOB is a Resource for international companies and law firms wishing to expand their business network into Israel and Israeli companies and firms expanding in the US or UK.

  • Market assessment and strategies for business development and targeted marketing.

  • Set up meetings with local companies and law firms.

  • Prepare local marketing plans.

  • Organize seminars and conferences.

  • Information on events and developments affecting the legal industry in Israel.

  • Be a local Israeli presence for foreign firms.

Please forward all inquiries to our recruitment staff

We will try to assist you to the best of our ability

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